A Gentleman's Game

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A Gentleman's Game

A Gentleman's Game Greg Rucka’s electrifying thrillers have pushed the boundaries of suspense fiction to where few have dared to go. Now, in A Gentleman’s Game, one of the genre’s most fearless writers brings readers of international espionage his most fearless heroine yet: a no-holds-barred woman who’s as lethal as an assassin’s bullet.
As the new head of Special Operations for British Intelligence, she no longer has to court death in the field—she wants to. Throw away the old rules, the old school, the old-boy network. The world of international espionage is about to learn the hard way that spying is no longer merely…

Book's Details-
Title:               A Gentleman's Game
Author:            Greg Rucka
Paperback:      481 pages
Publisher:        Bantam Books
Language:       English
ISBN:             0553584928