A Little Book of Facts About a Really Big Country

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A Little Book of Facts About a Really Big Country

What greeting did Alexander Graham Bell hope would catch on with telephone callers?
What is a "Shawinigan handshake"?
How old is the average Canadian?
Why are the Toronto Maple Leafs not the Maple Leaves?
Find the answers to these questions and more in "The Little Book of Facts About a Really Big Country." Canada's Master Gatherer is back doing what he does so well: pulling together obscure Canadiana in an entertaining collection to lure the trivia buff and to take the reader on a tour from serious to quirky, across the entire history, geography, and culture of Canada. These may not be the facts you learned in school, but armed with this odd assortment of knowledge you should be ready to challenge anyone on the merits of our home and native land.
This book may be small, but the country is big. How big? Read this book !

Book's Details-
Title:               A Little Book of Facts about a Really Big Country
Author:           John Robert Colombo
Paperback:       154 pages
Publisher:         Penguin Group (Canada)
Language:       English
ISBN:            9780143053682