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A Proud Lady

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A Proud Lady

Her last days of freedom...
The Saint Malo corsairs are a deadly weapon in the hands of King Louis XIV of France. The corsairs prey on English ships in the Channel, striking terror into every seaman's heart. Eager for rich prizes, they carry cargo and hostages home to France to enrich their city stronghold. Chief among them is Tristan de Plouvinel - a name to be feared.
But Kate Pendleton, sailing from Portsmouth on the Proud Lady bound for lreland and a respectable marriage to a wealthy landowner, has other things on her mind. Behind her is a disreputable but eventful past and before her, the prospect of unalluring tedium. Gone, she believes, are the days of excitement, adventure and laughter. All the more precious then is this time of freedom before the ship reaches port. But Kate had reckoned without Tristan de Plouvinel...