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According to the Evidence

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According to the Evidence

They ennobled the early humans in their own image and implanted in them a higher intelligence by deliberate genetic mutation. The memory of this cataclysmic event is still with us in ancient records and physical monuments, to be found in every culture throughout the world, and in this amazing, lavishly illustrated book, Erich Von Daniken reveals the lasting signs of our alien ancestors. How else can we explain:Giant stone heads that have survived the centuries in the mountains of Turkey? - Precious relics of bygone ages that lie hidden in the secret caves of Equador? - The highly technical astronomical knowledge possessed by a 'primitive' African tribe since time immemorial? - The astounding similarity in the religions and mythologies of all cultures of desciptions of 'human' gods, heavenly chariots, 'space suits', floods and disasters? The controversial author of 'Chariots of the Gods?' believes that they all point to the same answer, and in this hugely entertaining book he presents a scenario so convincing that even the most sceptical will be enthralled.