Arise awake

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Arise awake


Life on this earth is actually very easy and simple, provided we are willing to see it, as it exists, in reality. Unfortunately, we tend to see life, not as it is really, but through the filter of our thoughts, beliefs, conditionings, perceptions, ignorance, ego and more - all of which constitutes what we call the mind. Hence, even when we are physically awake, we are dreaming and seeing the world through our minds. This book is intended to be an eye opener, to help you see and accept the reality of life, as it exists. The words and thoughts expressed in this book seek to penetrate deep into your being and awaken you, so that your life can overflow with happiness, peace, joy, purpose and fulfillment.

This book focuses on various issues in life - general issues, issues relating to love, ego problems, beliefs and conditionings, problems of old age, emotions and qualities that we possess, happiness, God, religion, blind faith, and truth. The book is written in simple language, and is interspersed with quotes from various scriptures and enlightened human beings, and also contains plenty of short stories, examples and situations from day to day life.