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Course in Nepali

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Course in Nepali

Nepali ,the official language of the kingdom of Nepal, is widely spoken throughout the Eastern Himalayas, Nepali has also been adopted by peoples of the Himalayan region who belong to different linguistic groups, and is now understood throughout the whole of Nepal, the Darjeeling region of West Bengal, Sikkim, Bhutan and parts of Tibet, where it has functioned as a language of trade and commerce for well over two centuries.

The aim of this course, which covers the whole grammar and all the constructions of modern Nepali, is to present a full description of both the spoken and written forms of modern standard Nepali, and to enable the student to understand, speak and read most types of Nepali he or she is likely to encounter. The earlier lessons concentrate mainly on the spoken style, and the conversation passages whilst the later lessons concern religious, political and literary topics.