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Daily Telegraph Vegetable Gardening Made Easy

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Daily Telegraph Vegetable Gardening Made Easy

Vegetables need not be found only at your local grocer. Why not grow them yourself? It's not difficult - people with no pretensions to being large-scale farmers have been doing it for centuries. All you need is a bit of ground in your back garden and 'Vegetable Gardening Made Easy'. This book begins with a discussion of how to make best use of your soil and details the necessary tools and how to use them. The author reviews the types of soil you are likely to encounter - clay, sandy, acid and alkaline, cahlky - as well as giving helpful hints on composts, fertilisers, etc. Tools are itemised with the emphasis on how to use them in digging, weeding and seed-sowing.
The two main features of 'Vegetable Gardening Made Easy' however are the 'ABC of vegetables' and a gardening calendar. From artichokes to turnips, each vegetable is treated exhaustively - when to plant and how to grow them. The calendar is devoted - month by month - to what you should be doing in your garden, which vegetables you should be planting, which vegetables should be available.
The reader is then given a few pointers from an experienced gardener on how to take shortcuts, pitfalls to watch for, or, in other words, how to make sure that you produce really tasty vegetables without involving yourself in unnecessary time and expense. Finally, there is a chapter on pests and diseases and the preventive steps tpo be taken.