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Days of the Turban

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Days of the Turban

New novel on the Punjab, recent politics, Sikhism, Sikh militancy, communalism. Provocative, very good reviews from Times of India, Hindustan Times. Also excellent on rural Punjab
"A substantial work of fiction...with vividness and vivacity." - British Book News

"Unusual... Dramatic... Horrific." - The Observer, London

"As authentic as daylight. The language, in keeping with the ethos of Punjab, is full-blooded, earthy...Days of the Turban presents a picture of Punjab's rural society that leaves one numb with terror... Here in this book we come to grips with basic emotions. The drama builds holds the attention of the reader by the margin of his mind. It is Hitchcock at his best... Days of the Turban may well go down in Indian literary history as the most definitive work of fiction on Punjab... It is this 'deep backgrounding' that is most impressive about this novel, so contemporary, so evocative that it gives one the goose pimples. It is packed with TNT and it explodes on every page." - The Times of India

"A good novel. It tells a tale, does not shy away from the ambiguities of a contemporary situation." - Deccan Herald

"...written with élan and an eye to detail and offers an insight into the goings-on in the Punjab from a human point of view." - Hindustan Times

"Partap Sharma is a fine raconteur. He is at his best on home ground picturising rural Punjab." - The Week

"A tribute to Punjab…the book has an epic sweep" The Daily