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Desert Prince, Defiant Virgin

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Desert Prince, Defiant Virgin

Desert Prince, Defiant Virgin
by Kim Lawrence
Mills & Boon
He had stopped a few feet away from her, close enough for her to be able to trace that thin white scar with her eyes. She wondered what it would feel like to trace it with her tongue, and then wished she hadn't as her face grew hot.
`The sleeping arrangements are entirely your choice.' His eyes slid from her face to the low divan piled with silken cushions. Tut it can get lonely at night.'
Molly swallowed and folded her arms across her chest in an instinctively protective gesture. 'I'm quite comfortable with my own company, thank you.'
`Don't worry—you won't have to protect your virtue. I have never felt the need to force a woman.'
The contempt in his voice stung. 'Just so long as you know I could and would.'
`My taste doesn't run to beige creatures.' Although any­thing less beige than the woman glaring at him with luminous eyes would, he admitted, have been difficult to imagine. His...

ISBN: 97881847430837