Everworld Mystify The Magician

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Everworld Mystify The Magician

The tongue was about the same size as me and it was determined to shove me under those grinding teeth.
I was too big a bite of pizza, too much chalupa. I was that bite you take out of the Big Mac when you're really starving, and you wish you could spit it back out and start over, but you can't because you have a yap full of gray meat and stale
bread and you have no choice but to mash that puppy while the special sauce dribbles down your chin and makes you look like a two-year-old working his first solid food.
The tongue shoved at me, heaved up beneath me, all wet muscle covered in bristly taste buds the size of cashews. I was facedown on the tongue, facedo
wn on a wet, pink blanket draped over half a dozen WWF stars trying to heave me off, push me, shove me, force me under molars as big as my head.

Book's Details-
Title:               Everworld Mystify The Magician
Author:            K.A. Applegate
Paperback:       200 pages
Publisher:         Scholastic Books
Language:       English
ISBN:            059087988X