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Fair Tree of the Void: Stories

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Fair Tree of the Void: Stories

Twenty stunning stories of everyday life among the dispossessed

In a startling blend of the real and the fantastic, these stories create a world populated wholly by solitaries - usually lonely single males who lead sterile, aimless lives. As a function of their passivity, these characters often find themselves drawn into extraordinary situations where the bizarre is commonplace: one protagonist is cast ashore on an island where there are only half-women, another metamorphoses into a giant penis, a third is witness to idols of gods in a festival procession coming alive and disappearing into the streets of Bombay.... Sarang's world, then, is one that is poised between the provinces of imagination and reality - and the obvious influences are the great masters of this form of literature - Kafka, Camus, Beckett and Borges. Yet, Sarang's voice is unique in that he transcends those who have gone before to emerge in a place that we have never visited the true hallmark of a writer of genius.

First Published by Penguin books India Limited 1990