Five Days in Paris

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Five Days in Paris

Peter Haskell has everything.Power, position, a career and a family, which mean everything to him, and forwhich he has sacrificed a great deal.
Olivia Thatcher is the wife of a famous senator. She has given to her husband'sambitions and career until her soul is bone dry. She is trapped in a web ofduty and obligation, married to a man she once loved and no longer even knows.When her son died, a piece of Olivia died too.
Accidentally, on the night of a bomb threat, they meet in Paris. Their totally different lives converge for one magical moment in the Place Vendôme, and in a cafe in Montmartre, their hearts are laid bare. Peter, once so sure of his marriage and success,is faced with his professional career- Olivia, no longer sure of anything, knows that she can't go on any more. When Olivia disappears, only Peter suspects that it may not be foul play, and if he finds her again. But where will they go from there? Five days in Paris is all they have.

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    Paperback:  349 pages
    Publisher: Random house
    Language: English
    ISBN: 9780552143783