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Fundamentals of Astrology

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Fundamentals of Astrology

Astrology is both Science and Art. Hence only the talented can appreciate and understand it. Rightly Visnugupta declares that nobody other than a sage can master the ocean-like science of astrology.
The great Varahamihira declares, ''No sin will creep into a place that is sanctified by the presence of a true astrologer. No person who studies and divines the course of destiny will ever be found in hell, but will reside permanently in the world of Brahman.
In this book an attempt has been made to give a good account of the science of astrology, with a view to making the reader a good and true astrologer. It also shows that astrology does not make man a fatalist, a helpless automation in the hands of a merciless Fate. It should, on the other hand, help him to take to self-exertion and self-help. This hoary lore, according to the author, is to be practiced not for selfish ends, but to guide the needy and the distressed, to remove the cause of their suffering and to turn their attention towards God.