Happy Living: A Holistic and Practical Guide to Optimise Mind and Body

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Happy Living: A Holistic and Practical Guide to Optimise Mind and Body

Challenges, complexities and the pace of modern living have enhanced stress levels. We yearn for a relaxed, carefree and happy living. The ancient philosophy of Yoga, known and practiced for over two millennia in India, brings about mind-body/co-ordination resulting in superior physical and mental capacity and happy living.
This book presents a simple, practical and balanced approach on everyday living, on:
• The awareness of Self: dealing with the body and its sense organs; soul and its three components of mind, intellect and consciousness; good and bad qualities; and the path to achieve self-awareness;
• The awareness of Supreme Soul and the oneness of Divinity;
• Kundalini Chakras: covering the chakras (nerve plexuses), nadis (energy channels); their mental and emotional aspects; and Yang/Yin energies of Taoist philosophy;
• Holistic theraples: briefly describing Ayurveda and Tridoshas, Marma therapy, Pranic and Reiki healing, Acupuncture, Acupressure and Shiatsu, Qi Gong, Tai Chi Chuan, Nadi Shodhana and Hasta Mudra practices; and nutrition and diet for holistic living and;
• Breath, Prana and Pranayama and also explaining the steps of Ashtanga Yoga and the various paths and practices of Yogic living;
This book is meant for people of all age groups who would like ‘present moment’ living and has a global appeal. It will find readership across countries, ethnicities and cultures.

Book's Details-
Title:              Happy Living ( A holistic and practical guide to optimise mind and body )
Author:           K. Ravindran
Paperback:   108 pages
Publisher:      New Dawn Press
Language:      English
ISBN:          9781845576646