His Christmas Acquisition -  Modern - Romance

His Christmas Acquisition - Modern

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His Christmas Acquisition - Modern

His Christmas Acquisition
by Cathy Williams


Mills & Boon

'What the hell is the matter?'
Jamie couldn't meet Ryan's eyes, but she had to when she felt his fingers on her chin and she was roughly made to look at him.
'You're my boss! I work for you!'
'I want more than your diligence. I want you in my bed, where I can touch you wherever I want. I'm betting that that's what you want too—whether you think it's right or wrong. In fact, I'm betting that if I touch you right now, right ... here ...' Ryan trailed his finger along her cleavage and watched as she fought to catch her breath '... you're not going to be able to tell me that you don't want me too ...'
'I don't want you ...'
'Liar!' He kissed her again, and her lies were revealed in the way she clutched at him, not wanting to but utterly unable to resist.
About the Author,
CATHY WILLIAMS is originally from Trinidad, but has lived in England for a number of years. She currently has a house in Warwickshire, which she shares with her husband Richard, her three daughters, Charlotte, Olivia and Emma, and their pet cat, Salem. She adores writing romantic fiction, and would love one of her girls to become a writer—although at the moment she is happy enough if they do their homework and agree not to bicker with one another!

ISBN: 9788184744712