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Jackson s Track

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Jackson's Track

In 1936, Daryl Tonkin and his brother, Harry, leave home in search of adventure. They find themselves in West Gippsland, Victoria, and set up a timber mill at Jackson's Track – a dreamtime place, a place that was paradise. A bushman dedicated to his work, Daryl discovers happiness there, and unexpectedly falls in love. But Daryl is white and Euphie is black, and neither of them is prepared for the conflict their forbidden love ignites. Set in the heart of the Australian bush, this spellbinding memoir recaptures a community and a way of life now vanished from sight. It tells of one man's courage and determination to pursue what he knows is right. An unforgettable true story of joy, of tragedy, and of hope, which has won the hearts of Australians.

'Thought-provoking and timely, this book is a must for anyone hoping to understand Australia's past'
Herald Sun

'Don't miss it for quids'
The Australian