The Kingfisher Book of Children s Poetry - Poetry

The Kingfisher Book of Children's Poetry

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The Kingfisher Book of Children's Poetry

The Kingfisher Book of
Children's Poetry
Selected by Michael Rosen
“What you have in this book,” says Michael Rosen, “is hundreds of thoughts, dreams, and ideas trapped in words for you to read, say, or sing.”
Some of the poems that Michael Rosen has chosen are very old, some are very new; some are sad and some are funny. Famous poets, including Byron, Dickinson, Longfellow, Sandburg, and Poe are represented here, but there is al;os peotry resulting from the inspiration of ordinary people, including children.
there are American, Australian, and British poems as well as translations from Chinese, Chilean, French and Russian. And there are ballads, limericks, riddles, and nonsense verses. Among the 250 poems collected here there is something for everyone.
Michael Rosen, one of Britain’s most successful poets, is in great demand from teachers, parents, and above all, children, for his exuberant readings of his work. He is also an accomplished anothologist and broad caster. Among his many Books are you Can’t Catch Me; Quick, Let’s Get Out of here and the best-selling We’re Going on a Bear Hunt.
His ambition, to encourage children to see poetry as something lively and entertaining that everybody can enjoy, is realized in this fine anthology. Michael Rosen challenges the reader to make the toughts, dreams, and ideas contained in this book “live for you as they once did for the people who thought them.”