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The Master The Way To Fulfilment

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The Master The Way To Fulfilment

This modern telling of a traditional Chinese Buddhist parable of the wanderings of an enlightened monk and his pupil is ideal for students of Buddhism and seekers of any kind, providing a path to spiritual enlightenment and giving insights into ancient Chinese daily life.
In the story, the pupil is presented as an ingenuous youngster eager to acquire wisdom, but subject to all the faults, impatience, and lack of understanding of youth. As the two travel, they encounter sages and tempters, emperors and beggars, each of whom offer lessons for the pupil on his path to Enlightenment. The book's style is poetic, especially in its descriptions of the natural world, and its unstructured style is ideal for browsing. Wherever it opens the reader will find something thought-provoking in the insightful narrative:
- Everything is tasty when it is prepared with respect and eaten with gratitude.
- Each house was crowned by a golden roof.
- The path is in yourself.