The Rupa Book Of Snappy Surprises - Fiction

The Rupa Book Of Snappy Surprises

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The Rupa Book Of Snappy Surprises

Over the ages, story-telling has been a challenge and a passion for writers across the world. Keeping a reader's attention and interest alive is no easy task. But the toughtest of all, is to tell a story that is both engaging and gratifying in few words.
Ruskin Bond presents this anthology of 'super short' stories that qualify the doubly difficult criteria of being entertaining as well as crisp. In an amalgamation of sorts, here are tales that combine thrill with social comment, humour with horror, temperament with the supernatural,and wit with tradegy. A wide variety of simple stories, each with its own distinct auro of sentiment, terror, the bizaree, or the unexpected, meant to keep you excited till the last word.