Hired  The Sheikh’s Secretary Mistress -  Modern - Romance

Hired_ The Sheikh’s Secretary Mistress - Modern

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Hired_ The Sheikh’s Secretary Mistress - Modern

Hired_ The Sheikh’s Secretary Mistress
by Lucy Monroe


Mills & Boon

"Do you ever answer your d—" Amir's voice cut off abruptly as he stood in the entrance to her private en suite bathroom.
At six foot four inches, he filled the doorway with his body. Her mind screamed that she should have had that talk with Amir over the cell phone if necessary as she gasped and sat straight up. Frantically looking for something to cover herself, she saw that the bath sheet was out of reach and the washcloth would hardly be adequate. With no other option open to her, Grace curled her knees up, hiding her nudity behind her folded legs. "What are you doing in here?"
"I came to speak to you." Amir's words came out disjointed and he made no move to turn away.
"Now is not a good time." She vacillated between wanting to hyperventilate and wishing the situation was something different than what it was. And no amount of inner castigation could make that desire disappear.
Amir cleared his throat. "I see that."
He definitely saw something. His eyes devoured her, or at least that's what it felt like. He wasn't really doing it...not to her. She wasn't his type. Not drop-dead gorgeous. Not sexually sophisticated. Not anything he usually found attractive.

ISBN: 9788184740509