About Blalo

We welcome you all to tell about us what we are into and how we are trying to serve you want.

The objective of Blalo.com is to sell number of products online. We are selling books since 1990 to those who had greed of knowledge of particular subject and they are in search of them. We have those books which are in search of hungry readers who are in actual search of them desperately. We have books written and published by great author and publishers worldwide, only for them who understand the value of such precious text.

“But, someone already has read our books, no matter…”

Our belief is selling second hand books or used books online is protecting our precious planet Earth.

The entire world’s business of books and paper is dependent on trees, forest and natural resources. Forests are the backbone of Earth’s life, forest gives Oxygen, purifies the water, hold the soil and protect vast majority of species on earth. Forest has covered earth’s approx. 31% of the land surface, near about 4 billion hectares. According to various organizations and authorities in-between year 2000 and 2010, the net forest loss was 5.2 million hectares per year globally.

We have selected this business as an effort not only to earn money but to motivate already consumed natural resources which still can be used again. To read the old books is the way we help to reduce the increasing demand of the new books to prevent the nature damage. It will not only reduce tree cutting and chemical flow to the rivers and oceans, but it will positively impact on global warming.


The real friends of any human being