Alphabet Weekends - Make a Date With Love - Fiction

Alphabet Weekends - Make a Date With Love

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Alphabet Weekends - Make a Date With Love

Natalie and her sisters have known Tom and his family forever. They climbed trees together, scraped knees on the same pavements and, in taking shared steps towards adulthood, shaped bonds that would last a lifetime.
So when Natalie’s long-term love walks out on her, Tom’s is the much-needed shoulder she cries on. And Tom dreams up an ingenious way to dry her tears: a series of Alphabet Weekends – starting with A for Abseiling – to make her forget the heartache and, he hopes, to make her see what’s been staring her in the face all these years. His genuine love for her.
But as they tumble from A to Z, their families and friends face broken hearts and tragedies of their own. Can the Alphabet Weekends unlock love in all its many and wonderful guises? And not just for Natalie and Tom, but for everyone they care about?

ISBN 9780141044729