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101 Puzzles in Thought and Logic
Do you like puzzles based on logic and reasoning? Try this one: In a certain bank the position ..
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And Then Freddie Told Tiger . . .
 "And Then Freddie Told Tiger . . ." brings together living legends, past champions, and curren..
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Babylon- Hotel
‘Something strange occurs to guests as soon as they check in. Even if in real life they are perfectl..
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Best of India 60 Cool Holidays
Outlook Group publishes Outlook Traveler Getaways: Best of India 60 Cool Holidays, which is their on..
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Beyond the Brink with Indiana: 1987 NCAA Champions
The story of Bob Knight and the 1987 Indiana basketball team that became The Team in college basketb..
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High school All-American Neely Crenshaw was probably the best quarterback ever to play for the legen..
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Captain Cool: The M.S.Dhoni Story
Mahendra Singh Dhoni is as calm and unruffled a sportsman on the field as he is self- effacing off i..
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Cities in China
About Book The charms of China to many foreigners lie in its rich traditional cultures ethnic cus..
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Crashing Computers (The Knowledge)
This interactive guide offers lots of data about computer games and computing robots, computer crook..
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Crossword Dictionary (Webster's Classic Reference Library)
Crossword Dictionary Webster's Classic Reference Library Crosswords - Dictionaries,Games,Gamebooks,P..
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Doris Dingle's Crafty Cat Activity Book: Games, Toys and Hobbies to Keep Your Cat's Mind Active
Dingle shares her years of feline know-how in this book of toys and games guaranteed to keep your ca..
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England to Delhi: A Narrative of Indian Travel
This Elibron Classics book is a facsimile reprint of a 1870 edition by Longmans, Green, and Co., Lon..
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Extraordinary Golf: The Art of the Possible
Most golfers bring more than their clubs to the course. They come with doubt, excitement, fear, desi..
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Family Book of Games
Games are a constant source of enjoyment and fascination to people throughout the world. Some have s..
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Fire & Fear: The Inside Story of Mike Tyson
Here is the first inside look at boxing's most dominating champion, Mike Tyson--a shocking, revealin..
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Add structure and variety to your walks with specific programs and 60 workouts to use on your path t..
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Funny Cide
In 2003, he became "the people's horse," the unheralded New York-bred gelding who-in a time of war a..
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Go For the Goal: A Champion's Guide To Winning In Soccer And Life
For the more than seven million girls—from knobby-kneed tykes to high school and college stars—who a..
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Golf After 50: Playing Without Pain
About Book Expert advice on preventing injury, bouncing back from illness, and playing the best gam..
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Golf Begins at Fifty
About Book A senior golfer can play as well or better than ever if he keeps his mind and body in ..
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Indian Captains of Cricket (1932-2006)
Cricket is said to be a game of glorious uncertainties. In Indian cricket, there are uncertainties g..
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Lester Piggot
Lester Piggott James Lawton Lester Piggott's legendary timing and instinctive genius in the sadd..
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Love and Blood: At the World Cup with the Footballers, Fans, and Freaks
Every four years the thirty-two-team, sixty-four-game World Cup captivates the planet’s populace for..
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Michael Prichard's Pocket Guide To Spinning In Fresh And Saltwater
Item specifics Condition: Like new: A book that looks new but has been rea..
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Net of Magic: Wonders and Deceptions in India
Vast like the subcontinent itself and teeming with outrageous and exotic characters, Net of Magic is..
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On Warne
Now that the Australian cricketer who dominated airwaves and headlines for twenty years has turned f..
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Outlook Traveller Weekend Breaks From Hyderabad
Sail on the vasishta Godavari in konaseema. Search for nine Narasimhas in ahobilam. Sample the chepa..
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Playing for Pizza
Rick Dockery is the third-string quarterback for the Cleveland Browns. In the AFC Championship game,..
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Pundits from Pakistan: On tour with India, 2003-2004
In early 2004, the Indian cricket team set out for Pakistan. Pundits describes the subsequent tour, ..
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Ranji Maharaja of Connemara
Indian Prince Ranjit Singhji was the most famous cricket-player of his generation. In 1924, the inha..
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Sellotape Legacy Delhi & The Commonwealth Games
The Commonwealth Games are Delhi's biggest sporting event ever. As the promise of hosting them envel..
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Slam Dunk, Donna King
  In the high-pressure world of sport, talent isn't the only thing you need to be a winner. Th..
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The Allan Wells Book of Sprinting
About Book From this auspicious start Allan Wells made steady progress in sprinting until in 1980..
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The American Alpine Journal
Published annually since 1929, the American Alpine Journal is internationally renowned as ..
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The Damned Utd
In 1974 the brilliant and controversial Brian Clough made perhaps his most eccentric decision: he ac..
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The Numbers Game: Why Everything You Know About Soccer Is Wrong
Innovation is coming to soccer, and at the center of it all are the numbers. In The Numbers Game, ..
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The Story of San Michele
The Story of San michele has style, wit, humour, great knowledge of the world, mixed with that stran..
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